Info Booth is moblie!

The idea to create a mobile info booth for Occupy Anchorage was proposed at the end of last year. Yesterday, the info booth was set up in public for the first time.


Last week, the news came that presidential candidate Ron Paul would be speaking at the Dena’ina Center in downtown Anchorage. Many people interested in Ron Paul’s campaign have similar interests to Occupy Anchorage. The idea arose to bring out the info booth with as much free literature as possible to this event. Occupy Anchorage in no way supports Ron Paul or any other candidate within the political monopolies. However, this event provided a great opportunity to speak to a receptive audience.

Most of the people were thrilled to see our info booth outside and read some free literature during the long wait outside to get searched by security. Although Ron Paul was scheduled tImageo speak at 6pm, people were outside waiting to get in until after 7pm. The Occupy Anchorage crew showed up at 5pm allowing plenty of time to hand out zines, magizines, books, posters, and flyers as well as chat with people. Most of the literature brought over with the info booth was given out over the 2 hours.

Many of people involved in Occupy Anchorage have taken the winter to hibernate, which is the glory of winter. Spring is approaching and the info booth will be a great way to  regenerate a presence in the Anchorage community.  After the snow melts the ground will be ripe for planted seeds in the ground as well as in minds.

Please comment if you known any events that could benefit from the info booth!

See you in the sunshine…

Lady Power!

Two lady occupants carry the info booth back to its resting place in the snow!



7 responses to “Info Booth is moblie!

    • Well Ron Paul is an “alternative” to main stream politics for many people so these people are open to real alternatives & ideas that have been discussed at occupy camps & by independent media collectives such as crimethinc. Most of the people we talked to agreed our current system is a scam & needs to be changed. The methods for change aren’t set in stone, which is why free information to this crowd could alter their perspective on what could be done.

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  2. Hello Occupy Anchorage,

    My name is Melissa Johnson and I am the Booking Producer for Free Speech TV’s ‘Occupy the Media’. It is an hour long news talk show that airs every Wednesday night at 6pm MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME. We invite people from Occupy and around the nation to discuss the news the main stream media isn’t covering. We do think by inviting guests on via Skype and some guests are interviewed prior to the show airing. This May Day Occupy groups around the world are taking action. I saw on your calander you are too. We would like to invite you to join us for the day too. We will be broadcasting all day and checking in with Occupy all around the world. And we would like to include Anchorage too. If this sounds like something you would like to participate in please email me and let me know. Thank you for your time and all you guys do. It is through support of the global and Occupy that makes this show great. Thanks again

    Melissa Johnson
    Booking Producer
    Occupy the Media

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